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RP Day Teaser #2
"Announcing the celebration of Adekir’semkal! This year the priests of Sarkhet have chosen to hold this sacred festival at the holy spire newly found within the Kem'Ket desert. Honoring Kel-Lares in the form he took to the A'Kadran peoples, The Great Snake, the Adekir’semkal invites those present to share their dreams, unburden their longings, and uplift their spirits through the power of meditation, prayer, and ritual. Sep Tor'hath will arrive at the Imperius Turris Vita to help guide the ceremonies of this holiday. All are invited to participate and show their devotion to the Great Snake, Kel-Lares, and the Holy Invictus who embody him."

RP Day Teaser

War has come once more to the people of Illara. Along the southern border, legions assemble and Legionnaires ready the tools of their bloody craft.  Already the gold-clad Ashkenti Ascendancy and their abominations have made their presence known, and the ground of the Tessian border has been saturated with the blood of many conflicts, none of them decisive.

It is as clear as the black feathers of the carrion birds that war is here, and that the outcome of this war will be decided in Tess.

To war on one of Illara’s provinces is to war on all Illarans, and the Empire moves to defend itself.  But the War is to be in Tess, and so it falls to the leadership of that province to set the example for Illara to follow.

To that end, the Tessian States have decided to convene a council of Viceroys to discuss how to prepare themselves for the coming conflict.

Even now, they make their way along the Terminus Roads to the Imperius Turris Vita to hold their deliberations.  Rumors abound about what they might discuss during the council.  The wisest patricians simply point out: each State holds thrall mercenaries bound by blood and gold, mercenaries whose skill at arms could prove a decisive factor in the coming bloodshed, but each operates independently, with their own motivations and priorities.   How will they join in the fighting to come?

PC Logistics
Hi everyone! As part of our retooling this fall we're updating how we handle CP and Skill tracking. Instead of the inherent delays and problems with a lot of behind the scenes verifying and emails and the like, we've decided to put the power of updating in your hands instead. We want our players to feel like they're in control of their characters and experience and can always be timely updated.
How it will work:
Over the next week or so Anthony will be prepping and sharing a google doc with players one by one. Each googledoc can only be seen by Invictus staff and the player. The doc will have two tabs. One is a CP tracking tab and the other is a skill list tab. For new players, when you first sign up to play Invictus we'll create and share a doc for you as well.
Then, whenever you do something that generates you CP, or after every event for campaign CP, you simply note down how much CP you got and for what in the field provided. Whenever you buy a skill you just add it to your list. Bam, that easy. If you NPC another game, do cleanup work, have an approved donation, etc, just enter it in. Similarly, as you buy skills just put them into that tab and you'll have an easily accessible, shared with staff, character sheet that will track your available CP to spend at the top.
You should see those soon and stay tuned for other refinements and improvements!

Role Play Day Information

Hello everyone, we are happy to announce that the Invictus role play day on November 16th will be held at Camp Eagle Pass! The event will run from 2 to 8 pm and is completely free to attend. This is the perfect chance to talk to NPCs you may not have had the time to before, get to know your fellow players and characters, and pursue goals within the game world. Camp Address is 38 Walker Rd., Wales, MA.

Some important notes:

First, this event will be less frenetic than previous one days. By design we want more opportunity for characters to "breathe." There will be some optional fighting encounters for people who want to pursue them or for those who are new to the game and want to see some of the action side of what we run, but you will not need to fight unless you want to. Feel free to let us know if you're interested in combat when you register for the event.

Second, as before the site does not have food service so please plan accordingly. We'd love to see a pot luck dinner or similar and if someone is willing to coordinate that I'm happy to provide CP and support. If you're interested please contact me at owner@invictuslarp.com.

Third, the owners of Eagle Pass are being exceedingly generous in letting us use their site for this event so we owe it to them to leave it in better condition then when we arrive.

Fourth, as mentioned before, if you have any particular NPCs you'd like a chance to talk more with please let us know so we can plan accordingly. Setting and event info to come soon. Feel free to include this in your pre-reg email or separately at invictuslarp_plot@invictuslarp.com

And lastly, this is the perfect event for people who have never played before but are intrigued. Tell a friend, bring people along, a free event is a great time to see the world and meet people.

Please pre-reg on the website and just use the October event on the dropdown menu. Or send an email to invictuslarp_plot@invictuslarp.com.

See you soon!


Invictus Role Play Day 11/16
Announcing the Invictus Role Play Day on Saturday, November 16th! Details below.

Cost: We're committed to making this an event easy for ongoing and new players to attend so the cost will be no more than $10. We're still working on exactly which site to use and are actually hoping we can make it completely free!

Time: Between 2pm and 8 pm Saturday, November 16th. Save the date!

Food: We'd like to have a fun pot luck dinner together and will offer CP to someone if they'd like to take on the task of coordinating it to make sure we have a diverse array of food, plus the cups, plates, and napkins to go with it. We encourage people to explore interesting recipes that evoke the feel of the provinces of Illara!

What are we going to be doing: Information about the in game setting for the event, as well as teasers, will come over the next weeks, but the goal here is a non-combat event for players to have the chance to better get to know each other, new players to be introduced to the world, and for players to pursue their goals and develop connections with other characters in a more in-depth way. Yes, this means we'll have NPCs there, with their own reasons, goals, and challenges. There may not be combat, but there will still be meaningful things to accomplish.

How do I sign up: We're overhauling our backend logistics, for now if you know you're coming please pre-reg on the website and just use the October event on the dropdown menu. Or send an email to invictuslarp_plot@invictuslarp.com. Don't worry about prepaying for now. :)

If you're brand new to Invictus: This is a perfect event to come and play and meet people and see the world and get introduced. Please check out the character creation guidelines and FAQ in the rulebook or on our site at invictuslarp.com and let us know as soon as possible! We'd love to have you there and hope you can make it!

If you're not brand new: If you've wanted to take more time to talk to a particular NPC or pursue something that the pace of our previous one days didn't allow, this is a great chance to do just that. Let us know! Send us a heads up of anyone you'd like to talk to and, while we can't promise it, we will do our best to make sure you have your chance!

Hope to see you all there (once we know precisely where "there" is ;)  )!

Invictus Announcment
I just wanted to start by thanking everyone for a great spring event, it was a lot of fun to see all the PCs and NPCs working together to create a shared story. I hope you enjoyed the process and are looking forward to the next chapters in the unfolding saga!
In the meantime, however, I have some announcements about the direction Invictus is going. As we looked at the fall schedule and saw the various overlaps we've decided to cancel the remainder of the Fall events and focus on planning a full weekend winter event that will lead the way to a full year of weekend events. One day events have been great to introduce the setting and plots, see how the rules work in action, and work out various other logistical kinks, but Invictus is a game that needs weekends. It needs the long evening mods and late night talks, breakfast discussions and epic midnight field fights. We don't think we'll get the necessary players for weekend events this fall so instead we've opted with this approach to give us more time to recruit and market, make any necessary tweaks, and come out strong this Winter.
Some questions you may have at this point:
What about my character's interactions?
At the top of our priority list for Winter and beyond is to preserve the progress our awesome players have already made in forging connections and impacting the world of Invictus. This is not a reboot or anything like that, it will be a continuation.
Where, when, how much, how many, etc?
We're still working out the logistical details on all these. We'll have to find the right camp site and that'll dictate costs and numbers, etc. But our hope is to find a place that's in the $85 range for full weekend events, as planned, and I'm guessing around 35 players or so most likely. If you have any questions or concerns about camp sites, please let us know.
I already paid for more events, what about that?
Please email Scott Sawyer, the business owner for Invictus, at scott.rightfist@gmail.com. He'll be able to refund your money or make whatever arrangements you prefer.
So that's our plan. We'll be using the time to do things like update our website, reach out to more game communities, streamline and perfect our logistics, make props, improve costumes, and otherwise make Invictus the best it can possibly be. We're also looking at ways to keep you guys involved during this downtime, including a possible roleplay focused day sometime in the fall, some mechanism of between event actions for this particular long gap, and the like. We'd love to hear any ideas or suggestions from you guys. :) Please use Invictuslarp_plot@yahoogroups.com
I'm excited for the winter and what the time will let us do. Hope to see you there!

site information for June 8th One day


With our event a few days away I wanted to make sure everyone had the necessary information for the camp site and one day.

1 - Camp Eagle Pass address is 38 Walker Rd. Wales, MA

2 - Game on will be at 12 sharp, with opening comments with players at 11:45 am. We'll need all cars moved to the parking area and PCs ready to go by 11:30 sharp.

3 - Check in will start at 10 am and run until 11:30 am. If someone needs to arrive late, please let us know ahead of time. If the unexpected comes up and you wind up running late then please park your car in the parking area and come up to the side basement door of the main building and knock. Monster camp is in the basement and a staff member will answer and help you out.

4 - Game will run until approximately 11 pm. Afterwards we ask people clean up their things and then see if the staff needs help with any breakdown/cleanup. We offer CP for cleanup help for anyone interested. Also, please note that if you need to crash over Saturday night there's plenty of floor space and some side rooms. We do need people off site by 11 am the next morning.
5 - A reminder that we don't have food service for one day events. The site is a decent clip away from easy civilization so I'd recommend bringing food you need. Also, as will be the usual habit for Invictus, we'll let you know when it's our dinner time so you'll know when it's "safe" to take a break without missing out. This event I'll give you a little heads up that during the dinner hour we'll be doing a number of Festival based roleplaying encounters with you. :) Also, the main building has plenty of outlets for things like crockpots and a fully functional kitchen. However, the kitchen has to be kept clean throughout the day and thoroughly cleaned up afterwards.

6 - The main building has a couple of showers in it for us to use.

7 - You should receive an email shortly from Anthony Reed with your CP total. If it looks off, pease please please respond to that email and let us know if we've accidentally left off anything you're owed. We're still awaiting our database, but have just switched to at least a better tracking system then we had before and want to make sure it's accurate. Please bring a copy of your character spendouts with you to the event. As a reminder, all characters are allowed to change their character builds for free before this event. Also, the rulebook was updated on our website with the various tweaks mentioned before on the mailing list.

8 - If you have any questions, please let us know at invictuslarp_plot@yahoogroups.com, respond here, or email me directly at owner@invictuslarp.com.


Event 1 Teaser 3
A decree from the Adjutor Primus of the Legatio Gladiatorium.

It is the will and wisdom of Invictus Gladius that the Eastern Legion Garrison of the Turis Vita be granted the status of Gladiatorial prefecture. This comes in recognition of the warrior spirit of those who fought in defense of the Empire against the Ashkenti transgressions and in honor of those who stand their vigil still.

Any and all wishing to test their martial prowess in the Gladiatorial arena may present themselves to the Prefect Adjutor at Noon on the Saturday of the next holiday gathering to be inducted into the ranks of Illaran gladiatorial fighters.

If you seek glory in victory then you must prove fearless in the ring.
Win in your region and advance to the Provincial games, win there and on to the Imperial games.
With advancement comes prestige and patronage.
Survive the games for your chance to fight in the Imperial Clash.

Fortunes have been won.
Freedoms have been granted.
Power has been invested in those crowned champion.

Might your name be one day shouted throughout the Empire in victory?

By the Wisdom of the Invictus

Attius Cusuro
Adjutor Primus of the Lagatio Gladiatorum

May the blade of your foe be dull and slow

Event 1 Teaser 2 - Godswar
Event 1 Teaser 2
Legend speaks of the last time the Invictus strode forth to do battle. Always they watch and guide us, tending to the souls of their people and lending their wisdom, but rarely do they arm themselves and fight directly. It is said, in the halls of ancient temples, that for the Gods to go to War is a terrible thing. But in the last days of the Chaos Times Invictus Primus saw the need. Gathering the Gods close to him he told them of the horror he had discovered, of the taint of Resika within them all. And thus began the Great Quest to destroy Resika and free the Gods of her corruption.
But the Gods did not War alone. Illarans do not shirk from need, Illarans do not wilt from terror, by the side of their Gods walked the Twelve Heroes. From every Province of their day, from wealth and poverty, from slave to Citizen, the Twelve each made the journey and fought beside their Gods. Legends speak of the deeds they did, the great foes they defeated, the struggles and tribulations. As the Invictus battled their ancient nemesis the Twelve did each labor beside them. To each fell a sacred trust and so they are venerated in the halls of the Imperial Palace and beyond.
And now... and now... Invicta Princepia has strode forth. Armed and armored, ready to destroy the enemies of her people. Often it is said that the visage of Lerita can be strongly seen in the Princepia.  Lerita, the steel-eyed Goddess who punishes the wicked and is Wise in the arts of War. To this far off place, this Turris Vita, she came ready for battle. And Illarans were there, beside and before her.
A Goddess has come among us, in her dwells the Ocean's Fury and the Wisdom of the Deep.
Who shall rise to stand with her? The Twelve are ancient legends now, who will take their place?
In the shadow of the Turris Vita, the miracle of life, Godswar comes once more.

Teaser 1
Below is the teaser for our first full weekend event, which is being held May 10th through 12th at Camp Brantwood.  Also, to get the .5 cp for Pre-Regestering you must be pre-regged by Friday the 26th (two weeks before the event).

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the event.


Under Kel-Lares' watchful gaze, hope began to fade. Throughout the day, the unremitting Ashkent Ascendancy broke like the surf against the beleaguered defenders. As the sun quit the sky, the battle was joined anew by fresh Ashkent troops from the south. Darker tidings were heard that the Forsaken were making for the Garrison to break the defense. Yet valiantly the Heros held their ground knowing how important their stand was.

Then the news came down the line...; an Unbound, The Wielder of Gilded Obsidian, had come to gloat over the perceived victory. As he took the field, a mighty sorcerer by his side, the battle raged like a maelstrom. Arrow and javelin, spell and spear flew, sword and ax hewed, shields were riven and life’s blood soaked the ground. The Garrison’s fall seemed assured.

In that moment, the crystals reset, the Terminus node flared to life. The nimbus of the Invicta Princepia bathed the faces of friend and foe alike as she strode forth through the node to drive the Unbound from the field and hold back the tide of the approaching Forsaken. His master fled, the defenders felled the sorcerer that had plagued the battlefield that day. The Heros paused a moment in celebration and relief as the sounds of reinforcing Legionnaires came marching out of the node.

Since that night the Imperius Turris Vita has been an endless sea of activity. Ruined buildings have been rebuilt or replaced; housing, meeting places, The Archive. The 3rd A’Kadran Legion has begun fortifying the area under the command of Captain Talos Petra. Concordia sorcerers have resumed their work, trying to decipher the enigma of the obelisk that grants new life to the fallen. In the wake of Ashkenti attack, however, anxiety lingers despite the preparations. No one knows for sure if greater conflict will come, but increasing shouts across the empire echo the same word, “War!”

However, life goes on. The Festival of Salendra’s Wakening is set for early May and across the Empire the people look forward to celebrating the end of winter and the time of new beginnings. Every city and town works to showcase the culture of its own Province and to teach the wonders of the others. The officials of the Garrison have extended an invitation to those who came to defend it not so long ago and others curious from lands near and far; to stay and celebrate the Festival with them. That even as tensions rise, the Turris Vita can serve as a beacon of renewal and hope. In its light and shadow a joyous day of solidarity and learning beckons.